New year, same bc

This is usually our expressions as we leave good ol' bc.... Ha however he does love picture taking these days. Please excuse the awful claw marks on his face (had a little run-in with Buddy!)

Ringin' in the new year right:) thankfully not too much damage was done with those fireworks...ahem right LaLa

Yes, I know, he sadly has almost outgrown his bike seat.. Gonna have to invest in a step up soon.

He may need a nap.

And look can even entice the old lady every once in a while.

Chalaxing with these two..

LaLa got a new puppy that Miles Oakley officially named "Sweetie Blueberries." I thought it very fitting but Glenn quickly nixed so meet "Coco." Aka sweetie blueberries

Watching toons with zoey...can I just freeze them...