Santa pics are IN! finally....

Soo went to Mistletoe to meet and take pictures with Santa--he's the real one! Waited in line for thirty minutes then proceeded to wait around another 3 hours to pick up the prints which never came. After a month of calling to get those blasted pics, the photographer finally contacted me on Saturday and emailed them to me. Yay! don't even care, was just happy to finally get them. Such a proud mommy! Santa was soo sweet with trying to help find my pictures.
I really don't think I got to play in snow until I was 10 or older and Miles Oakley has already gotten his first snow!
Pat's mom came to visit later that day and brought the most adorable sweater jacket that Pat wore when he was Miles Oakley's size and it fit perfectly.
Yep, poor man has to deal with this look several times a week!
But I think he likes it!
And after a full day, he sleeps so good in his swing.


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