Beach minus the cheer:)

Pensacola Beach Bound. Totally invited ourselves to Alesha's cheer competition but was completely worth it! While they were off cheering hard, someone needed to stay in and enjoy the beach house! Well, miles oak, lilli, william, and I were just the ones to do it!The crew stopped in at the Florida rest stop on our way for some yummy Florida orange juice:)And so the fun begins...My lil Surfer dudeClimbing the mountain
Serious sand playing time

Our days were spent going back and forth to the water. This was our first trip:)

Back for more fun!

Looking off into the horizon..

Walking into the sunset with a beautiful girl:)

Oh yeah, ha!

Strutting his stuff..

Lilli and Miles Oakley

He's got Lilli in the palm of his hands(on a shovel!)

Milo found a great tractor in the sand to play with.

Okay so we tried to fit a tiny bit of cheering in..thanx to lexi

Could watch this all day every day!Happy Birthday Aunt Wesha!Thanks to my bestest bestie Lee lee for a superbly amazing trip!