Ruby slippers and candy corn...

Decorations were hung!Thanks to this guy!Food was ready!Thanks to this gal!Entertainment was ready! Special thanks to this boy!Party Time!The Wizard of Oz ensemble was ready to get the party started!This had to be the best part of my night! Seeing everyone enter our humble home! Soo much fun seeing the costumes! First guests were the Porter family!Sara and Jules dressed as "Practical Magic girls!Wayne as Medea, of course! Hannah as Baby Joey..:)Lilli the Mardi Gras FairyScarecrow and Scary Man..Lindsay and Justin as Slash and his girl! Still makes me crack up!William the WerewolfSuch a fantastic werewolf too I might add.. Look at Lani's face..ha totally terrified!The lion got a tad hot so he turned into Bam Bam or as I kept referring to as Tarzan!

David was or Pinata Boy! Pretty Haley as Bat Girl!All that smiling can wear an old lady out! Soo we eventually call it a night.And continue with Day Two of Halloween Fun!Trick or Treaters are Ready!Lion finally started to enjoy his headgear..
And so it begins...:)

Favorite Trick or Treaters of the Night!

Maybe one day I'll add the picture of how the night ended.. With Pat pulling everyone in the wagon.