The Big One!

Well I can't believe it came and went as fast as it did, but my baby is officially ONE! We marked our spot on the wall and attempted a few handprints, disastrously...Miles Oakley says on to the party! Which would never have been possible without several major helpers. First, Maw and Paw for hosting at their house, along with doing delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, and lots more! On to dessert extraordinare Aunt Sharon for making a almost too cute too eat birthday cake with a monkey on it! Beth Anne, for the fabulous monkey attire and birthday hat. Mamow, for the yummy ice cream. Thank you all soon much for making it such a special day! I tried to get a little creative with some decorations. Baby jars and bottles filled with M&M's and pics attached. Well, somebody's ready for the party. Oh I just wanted to make sure it would fit is all.
Present Time!Gotta get Ainsley to show us just how it works.Oh yes after we opened up this four wheeler, no other toys existed. Thanks Aunt Becky, Brandi, and Chris!Tried to warn ya earlier about the too cute to eat cake! Mouth is watering now just looking at it! Oh and don't be fooled it was 2-layered!Don't be scared. It's gonna be a piece of cake!Well we couldn't let him have the two-layered splendidness all too himself so he got his own piece made just for him which is supposed to resemble his birthday hat....Ha well he just wanted Pat to try some of his cake!ha looks like he enjoyed himself.May have to get Mrs. Sara to help me with this one, but he could be saying "All done."Wait a second gotta get some ice cream in there.
All that going can really wear a little booger out and there's nothing quite like a Strumagayle hug.Soo, many hours later, we get ready for bed by reading our favorite book, Eyes and Nose, Fingers and Toes-it's a Seasame Street beginnings book that he loves with really big characters. We get a good night's rest and prepare for our next party at the park. Eat a wholesome breakfast. Yummy yogurt.

Smiling for mommy by tilting his head.

More presents to open! This time he actually got interested in it.

Plenty of helpers:)

And couldn't resist some swangin'

So like I said it's officially, tear tear. And I swear as soon as he turned one, he up and decided to start walking and talking and dancing! It's really only been a week after and he's completely walking everywhere! He's saying "Uh-Ohhh." He's throwing his hands up in the air to any songs that come on, ha just like a man. At least, he's still letting me take him for strolls in the stroller and bike. Hmm..but looks like he could be trying to break out of that pretty soon.

And although it's not the exact same birthday...It's pretty close so continue in the birthday festivities for Beth Anne. And yep Beth Anne wanted her date to be dressed fashionably so she chose and made what he was to wear! Each time she manages to one up herself on cuteness!

See it has a 'M' and 'O'!

Looove us some Beth Anne! (And don't kill me for postin a pic of you on here again!)
Hope every birthday turns out half as special and sweet as this one, maybe I won't be quite as emotional!:)


  1. You are such a super cute mommy! Cannot believe he is already 1!!!


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