Lions and Tigers and Bears..Oh My!

Had a great time taking our first zoo trips. We took a few pics from the Jackson zoo but that just got us craving the Audobon zoo so we did both! Here's my excited lil' man.
Enjoyed seeing some elephants while teething on the strollerAnd giraffes... And then had to cool off for a bit and play with the sea otters..Next stop flamingos at the Audobon! Ainsley sees them!
Miles Oakley is looking hard for them..ha Had to get our zen on with the elephants
Ma, Ainsley, Lorelai, and Miles Oak are getting a closer peek at those elephants. They were trying hard to splash Ainsley.And on to the petting zoo! Miles Oakley needs time to warm up to this...
Okay now he's ready!Checking out the birds.. Prayin I don't get pooped on!
Hey it is a petting zoo right?! Miles Oak is going for the bow!
Hmm..lil nervous those goats will try to eat my clothes again.
Rats really?! We are petting rats?!
I did say Lions and..Tigers and..
Monkeys? oops didn't get any good shots of the bears. Hey look it Arthur, the anteater, eating Ainsley's hair.
Very strange looking bird..yep no clue it's real name.
But Miles Oak and Lorelai take time to discuss it.
Woo.. I know it's a lot to see in the heat of the summer. We all had to stop for an ice break.
Zebras are next on the walk. I have yet to actually hear one make their unusual sound.
Ainsley got to feed the geese, turtles, and fish.Think the giraffe pics are my favorite!
See he almost touched them!
Wow of course that would wear one out!
Or two!