Doin' it New Orleans style...

New Orleans may have been a bigger adventure then we initially realized. 3 strollers+3 small ones=3 very exhausted adults! But a trip that must be taken! So we check in to the hotel and make our way to the Riverwalk..Ainsley takes a bite out of her first beignets!I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. We had sugar everywhere..Ma and Ainsley threw their pennies in for good luck.Well we had to take a dip after all the sugar! Needed to burn a few calories..But that pool water was soo cold we had to come back and take a dip in our very own hot tub. haSomeone didn't have any trouble warming up and making friends..hmm mini chip gennaroStarted our morning off right! Mother's was soo good we had to go twice!And the morning in New Orleans doesn't officially start til you have your beads on. So we went shopping!Found them! They had pretty flamingos on them. On to the Insectarium..Here you get to learn about the importance of soo many different insects then they let you eat them! And yes that reads Chocolate Chip Cookies with Crickets...Gross!Ainsley went back for seconds and thirds and possibly fourths..I believe someone else was willing to try!!They have a really cool movie that talks about the bugs which made me think I was back at Disney World. Then we went into the Butterfly Metamorphisis Room where you can actually see the different stages of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly.There were soo many beautiful butterflies fluttering all around us in the butterfly room. Ainsley got to check them out up close and personal.Then we made our way to the Aquarium.Wowza at all the fish and school groups!
Starting to feel like we may get swallowed up by that oyster!Oh and the trip would not have been near the success if Miss Ainsley didn't find this beautiful ring. I think everyone in our viewsite got to see the coolest of this thing with lip gloss and a mirror in it!
Well Ainsley says Peace Out New Orleans and I have to say I'm with her on this one for now!