Our 1st Beach Trip!

Hmm..wondering how our first beach trip we'll go. I know I have a water baby, but do I have a sand and ocean babe... And will we even get to swim during this crazy oil spill.. A few questions at the start of this trip but mostly pure excitement!!Oh did I really even have to worry if he'd like it or not? He loved it! This was taken as soon as we got to our hotel and first peeks at the beauty of it all.Ma is just as excited as someone else!Oh yeah our lil camper loved the water getting his toes! Momma Kayci Beth helping make sure Miles Oak is safe!
And after all the playing he's ready for his nap! Life is good!We play a lil volleyball while Miles Oak naps.Kayci Beth and me get early morning head starts at the beach! Don't wanna miss any playtime!Ahh...wishing I could teleport myself back to this moment....!Garrett gets some skinboard practice in.Well wanted to get Lauren in on the jumping action..But just turned into giggles as usual..Boogie boarding or laying on the beach...Tough choicesGarrett gets buried in the sand and almost struck by lightning all in the same day.Ma teaches Kayci Beth here famous dripping sand castle skills.Well didn't see any oil wash up but saw old computer monitor! Always nice to wash the sand off at the pool.Then we made our own smoothies!On to the real food! We enjoyed our enormous burgers at McGuires then with everyone pitching in got our dollar hung on the wall.Garrett and Miles Oak got their man face on! Then Momma, Kayci Beth, Bryson, and me played a very interesting game of putt putt golf!

Kayci Beth was champion for the nite with Bryson a close runner-up. Then Ma and me were somewhere behind that.
And we couldn't leave without bringing home some souvenirs and pet crabs.