The Oh Soo Yummy Huckleberry Pie and then some

Me and Lauren insist that we get our run on before even touching this irresistable huckleberry pie..Now we're ready..Lauren is making one and so am I. Anybody but me proud about that?!The key ingredient is Jackie giving us step by step directions on how to make the perfect crust!Lauren rolling hers out..Yep she still loves getting her picture taken.Lauren doesn't listen as well to Jackie's instructions.hmm...Aunt Jackie isn't impressed with this pie crust. Miles Oakley has to find something to do to keep him busy. ha Rambo is all he needs.
oops someone found the tomatoes. First tomato and he ate it like an apple! Had to let him pick a second one out!Ahh..Garden food with Lauren! Life just doesn't get any better.. First boiled okra of the year! Been too long!
Someone is waiting oh too patiently for his bite!
Ding ding ding! Huckleberry pie is ready! And, of course, Lauren has her peace sign on hers and I have a G on mine. Such clever girls. Mmmmm... Can I get a "magical" Lauren?! ha thank goodness for that! On to our mini road trips..and a 62 oz cup of water! Bathroom break anyone?
Summer days aren't complete without some kind of trip to the pool. THANK YOU Aunt Janet! Woo life wouldn't have been quite as relaxing without that pool...
Come on!! You know you wanna get in...Don't ya?Awe yay! Look at him going for it!Someone better be swimming by next summer.....:) Church Sliding it Up with a Beth Anne original on.