Ahh... Bogue Chitto! Good times!

It was a very happy Mother's Day to me! Somebody cut their first tooth! Ha tried to get him to show me but this was the best I could do.What I looove about Bogue Chitto most is spending time outdoors. Summer officially starts when we can wake up and go running with Alesha and Lauren, go pick huckleberries, eat some fresh fruit from the garden for lunch, go swimming at Aunt Janet's pool, then bike riding, and have a fish fry for supper! Ahh yes good times in Bogue Chitto.Here we are taking an afternoon stroll..Picking some nice flowers for Mommy..Me and Lauren are teaching someone early on the art of laying out!Lauren helping lil man enjoy his first moments of the Trampoline! Ha we spent all afternoon on it. I had forgotten how dirty you can get on it!Pretty sure he may like it as much as his mommy.Gotta have two shots of that!On to bath time!! Yes we looove Bogue Chitto!
And Lauren has plenty to play with at her house. Chickens and Cows galore! Haha life is good in Bogue Chitto!


  1. bogue chitto would welcome some additions to the zip code... just sayin.


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