Happy St. Patty Day?!

Hey! nobody could pinch me, I had on my green for a solid three weeks! And just to warn all: Your appendix can be a mean lil' bugger!
Thankfully, everyone brought Miles Oakley pretty much daily to keep me sane! Look at him reading his books!It was NOT fun being away from him for the first time!Mamaw brought us a present! She finished Miles Oakley's blankie! Look at her handiwork which Bent-Bent pointed out how many hours a day for weeks she spent on it! But sooo worth it! I still am admiring it!! Soo perfect! Thanks Maw!All in all we still had to do some St. Patrick's Day celebrating, right Pat?! However, someone was only interested in Aaaaannnngguussss....Woo..ha so we celebrated then mommy has to go back to the hospital for more surgery!After the initial shock of his mommy being admitted into the hospital.... Strum came to the rescue! Never could have made it through that first week without her! She got him on his first eating schedule and Weaned him from his mommy(Big Tears!)!Look at her go! She even used cloth diapers! Yay!

Week Two and Three wouldn't have survived with Aunt Karen and Uncle Bobby. I think they can call themselves officially Baby-Ready! Aunt Karen let him practice his crawling skills...Aunt Anna stole Miles Oakley for a weekend getaway to good ol' BC! Yes, he was completely spoiled!
Aunt Anna says he looks like me in this one! Awww!
Come on Papaw Billy! You can take it for a spin!Well I'm just glad one of us enjoyed the separation!
And I finally get home to see that someone has grown leaps and bounds on me... You were not this heavy when I went into the hospital! ;)
6 months?! Really?! Are we really trying to crawl already.... Miles Oakley's growing up on me!

Thank you all again for everyone's prayers, concerns, and helping hands. I never would have made it without mama by my side! I also will never be able to thank enough everyone that helped keep Miles Oakley during this time. For everything, I sincerely thank you!