Miles and Milestones

Our 1st big trip to New Orleans began with a major MILEStone while we were getting ready to leave--Our very 1st Roll Over!!! Of course I didn't snap the first but I did get some shots of the second.

Here he is getting ready.... I'm talking him into it...
And waaa lah! He did it, pulled his hand out and everything.Oh and now he's just poking fun at his ma going crazy!And then we were officially ready for the big city for my half marathon that I ran 2:25 with basically no training with this extreme winter. And no I will not do that again! Mamaw came too and helped with lil' Man while I ran. Thank goodness! Wouldn't have made the trip without her!And so (just for you Pat) we had to rock and roll New Orleans style!It says "My Mommy Rocks!" I know she does right?!Too much going can wear a lil' guy and Mamaw out.Hence this shirt! :)Morning of Race--He's ready to hang with his Mamaw.So I go and meet up with the girls and run for a few hours. Alesha made me an awesome shirt too! Says "Rain, Sleet, or Snow Run It Like a Rockstar!"
This is why I love running in New Orleans!