Baby's 1st Christmas

Miles Oakley was spoiled by Santa this Christmas. He got too much! BeBe Pod-he's sitting on, two walkers, a johnny jump-up-he's in now, toys, clothes, books and the list goes on! That's a onesie behind him that reads "Even my poop is cute!" Yuck thanks Nat!Bryson, Lauren, Miles Oakley and I made Christmas memories! Ha which I had to explain what a memory was to Bryson. We made yummy Christmas cookies that Bryson loaded down with colored sugaring. We also dipped pretzels and ritz cookies with white chocolate that I think only me and Lauren enjoyed to the fullest!

Miles Oakley's first present he opened! Doesn't he look ready to tear it open?!

I couldn't take enough pics in his Christmas outfit. Mwah!

Santa does us ladies good too?! ha every year we always get a fantastic pack of panties. Love you Ma!

And yes I got everything I wanted for Christmas... Kisses from all my lil' men in my life! Mmm can't wait for another Brandon