Halloween Pics

Our lil' teddy bear hibernated the entire trick or treating. We went all over Bogue Chitto racking up treats. Kayci Beth told me that he was too little to actually eat the candy. I tried to explain that he kinda was getting the treats from me, but she didn't really grasp that one! ha
Well I couldn't let him just be a teddy bear, I'd get reported for neglect! ha look at the cute bumble bee.

Ha this one bumble bee had had enough by this point! ha Kayci Beth was trying to get some love but he wouldn't bee have!

Brandon (some kinda ninja mummy) attacking Loren (catwoman)

He loves his mummy soo! Can't wait til next year.. Already debating going as a chef and having baby Miles be either a lobster or Kayci Beth has a spaghetti and meatballs outfit. Then Colby gave us his Bam Bam outfit too. I would make a perfect Wilma and Pat--Fred!